17 days rendering!!! :D

17 days rendering!!! :D

To believe that there’s a reason and explanation behind everything…

In tears of happiness

Heart to heart moment with family

Talking about life and how society works

What an unfair world but thanks Lord for the lovely people

Part of my life…

  • When I got a job, my friends said, “Congratulation!!!”
  • When I resigned, my friends said, “Congratulation!!!”
  • Stupid or nice?
  • Shameless or brave?

My life is a comedy. Be happy!

My past life?!?!

My past life?!?!

What I miss the most: the sharing moment…


Last night I was in my bed at 10 pm and I just couldn’t sleep. I think I only slept for about thirty minutes this morning, 6.30 to 7 am.

This morning I confirmed it with people that I love and they are really supporting me. the fact that I’m just holding back… =_=

Somebody please slap me really hard three times and said, “YOU CAN DO IT!”

Back for Good

I will negotiate with my parents this CNY so I can back for good. Miss home so much! 

Realizing in hometown:

  • Slow internet
  • Low salary
  • Traffic jam everywhere
  • Air Pollution

I think life is simpler there. I can stay at home and spend more time with families and friends. I will buy board games so I can play it with my bro! Hehe!

Lazy day…

I’m still in my 15 years old PJ!

They said I looked like guinea pig…

They said I looked like guinea pig…

This morning, I heard a guy calling my name… Calming voice spirit?

My dream that won’t come true is to be at Michael Jackson’s concert…

Random fact

Crying when you are overwhelmed…

Lately I always look down…

Chin up! Keep your chin up! *Reassuring myself*

Am really glad when one person liked my writing!