"Do I look happy? I should — for I was a child nobody wanted. A lonely girl with a dream — who awakened to find that dream come true. I am Marilyn Monroe. Read my Cinderella story."

— Marilyn Monroe


Thinking of building my own cabinets. In other words, becoming a carpenter! Haha!

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After a week, I’m back to tumblr! Wee!

Mid-March = Back for good! Super duper happy!

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My dream that won’t come true is to be at Michael Jackson’s concert…

Not in the mood of doing anything and just wondering what happened to my partner in my dream…

I don’t like unfinished dream.

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Dream oh dream…

I want to be a designer, illustrator, traveler, and photographer who shares the beauty of the world.

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One day, one day <3 :) 


One day, one day <3 :) 

I dreamed of talking dinosaurs, cool jellyfishes swimming in the air and some weird creatures in an awesome high-tech cave where my friend (don’t know who) and we could turn back time… These awesome creatures are carnivorous, cool, calm, cruel, fascinating, inspirational, sarcastic and wild!

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It’s not selfish, it’s necessary.

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Some people are creepy in some ways&#8230; I prefer the monsters&#8230;

Some people are creepy in some ways… I prefer the monsters…

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Thanks to tumblr, my dream jobs list is getting longer!

While re-blogging, I dream a little dream…