(via Leslieville Lofts - eclectic - bedroom - toronto - by Aristea Rizakos)

Somebody please give me your room dimensions. I’m craving to do the perspectives! Anybody?

Gonna have a mix of this and that for my future bedroom.

A little bit dark alder wood and bluish pattern (I’m going to use my old blue carpet) to furnish the small room. A vibrant or dark blue or dark brown chaise sofa bed to be the center of attention!

Happy November!

  • by buying David Choi’s new album and shirt, and giving the CDs to my besties!
  • by having new short haircut.
  • by using computer after a month without it.
  • by making a handwriting calendar (Bad bad handwriting! HA!)
  • by changing my wardrobe!
  • by having some bedroom designs in my mind! After a long years, I have a chance to design my own bedroom next year and with my own savings! Gotta save some first :)

Can this be my desk !!!!! Ta X


Can this be my desk !!!!! Ta X